If reading Ayn Rand has fired your imagination – if you value individualism, achievement, liberty and benevolent self-interest – then The Atlas Society has created a special program, just for YOU. As an Atlas Advocate, you will be an ambassador for sharing the ideas of Ayn Rand within your existing student organization chapter.  We provide the resources – ANTHEM: The Graphic Novel and videos – you help lead discussions with your peers. 

The Atlas Advocates program is a one-semester program designed to introduce young people to the ideas of Ayn Rand. As an Atlas Advocate, your goals will be:

  • Read ANTHEM: The Graphic Novel  and The Pocket Guide to Objectivism

  • Screen six of The Atlas Society’s award-winning Draw My Life videos for members of a student liberty group on campus

  • Attend a national or regional conference or summit organized by Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Liberty, Turning Point USA, or the Foundation for Economic Education

  • Attend three one-hour webinars with Director of Student Programs Marilyn Moore, Ph.D and fellow Atlas Advocates.

Atlas Advocates will receive a $250 scholarship at the completion of the program.

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Ayn Rand’s ideas changed your life.

Now,  join one of The Atlas Society’s student activist teams, and share your story with others.


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