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Want to work with college students across the country to promote reason, individualism, and achievement? 

Then this group is for you!

Q: Who can be an Atlas Advocate?

A: Any high school or college student interested in Ayn Rand’s philosophy; who is a member of a campus liberty organization such as TPUSA, YAL, or SFL; and who is capable of hosting a Pizza Movie Night on campus.

Q: What is a Pizza Movie Night?

A: As an Atlas Advocate you will host one Movie Night for your liberty group chapter.

  • You will screen a pre-selected group of Atlas Society videos ––either our award-winning Draw My Life videos or our groundbreaking 18-part web series of ANTHEM: The Graphic Novel.
  • You will serve pizza and soft drinks, encourage conversation, take photographs, and jot down interesting comments that you hear during the evening.
  • At the end of the meeting, you will collect formal feedback for The Atlas Society by writing down responses to prepared questions we give you and by asking all attendees to complete a prepared survey.
  • You will attend a liberty conference during the academic year and three, online, evening webinars to network with other Atlas Advocates.

Q: What’s in it for you?

A: A $250 scholarship after completing the requirements. An addition to your resume - “Served as my liberty organization’s Atlas Advocate for __ semesters/years.” The chance to work closely with Atlas Society staff. The chance to meet and work with like-minded individuals from across the country. 

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