If reading Ayn Rand has fired your imagination -- if you resonate with the values of individualism, achievement, liberty and benevolent self-interest -- then The Atlas Society has created a special program, just for YOU.  By joining an elite cadre of Atlas Advocates, you will be an ambassador for learning more about Ayn Rand within your existing student organization chapter.  We provide the resources -- ANTHEM comics and videos -- you help lead discussions with your peers. 

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Then….like Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 you’ll escape the collectivist confines of your campus and make your way to a shining glass house on a hill, in MALIBU!  Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime….Apply Today!

Program Details: 

Each Atlas Advocate will work with their campus student chapter to complete all three objectives on the menu below in order to receive an all-expense-paid trip to the Atlas Advocate Leadership Retreat in Malibu, CA the last weekend in June 2019. 

  1. Chapter Meetings: Video Screenings
    Group screening of at least six videos per school year, can show any Atlas Society video available (EX: ANTHEM: The Graphic Novel video series, any of our Draw My Life videos, etc.)  

  2. Table once a school year for The Atlas Society on campus

  3. Attend a Students for Liberty, Young Americans for Liberty or Turning Point USA Regional Event or Summit

With ANTHEM: The Graphic Novel, we’ve adapted Ayn Rand’s classic 1938 dystopian novella into a comic book format with dramatic artwork by award-winning Marvel comics illustrator Dan Parsons.  An 18-part animated video series, based on the comic, will help you kick off discussions in chapter meetings.  This spring we’ll fly you out to Malibu where you’ll meet with fellow Atlas Advocates, and the leadership of The Atlas Society, to explore what you’ve learned in the program. 

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